Elite Motor Car Driving SchoolServes the Best Quality Driving Training to their clients. The reason why our motor driving school has become the Hyderabad’s best driving school is providing training, teaching and driving and road safety! We are one of the oldest and best driving schools in Hyderabad and are one of the most progressive driving schools. We have a mission to teach you safe driving skills. Learning to drive is not just about getting a driving license but is an essential skill for life.

For over the years, Elite Car Driving School has provided high quality, professional driver training to students across Hyderabad.  More than 40,000 students from all over the Hyderabad have received DL by Elite Car Driving School’s highly qualified instructors.  Our mission is to make sure every student receives personal attention and hands-on training to make them the safest and most knowledgeable driver they can be.

Our Training experience and national reputation set us apart from the competition. Our programs are unique: unlike many driving schools, Elite Car Driving School is conducted on a private, one-on-one basis on the road.  There is never more than one student at one time. Observation time simply means that students sit in the car and watch them driving.  Some driving schools often do this to cut their own costs and artificially inflate the total hours of “behind the wheel” training – – most of which is not student driving.  We believe observation offers minimal instructional value.   We believe you learn to drive by driving, not watching.

At Elite, the focus is on you and your skills so you have the best chance of learning driving.  We value our students, their safety, and their training.  We do not compromise this to save money by training two students in one.  Your training is too important to us.  Our commitment to you is to do our best to provide the most value when you join our driving school.  More driving time, more personal attention, more focus on your success.